When it comes to etiquette, online sessions are just as important as in-person sessions. The value of making sure the experience is still professional is more challenging but very important for therapeutic results. Here are some etiquette tips to make the most of your therapy experience.

Find the best location possible

Facilitators have guidelines for confidentiality, privacy, and setting locations; clients are encouraged to do the same. Find a comfortable and quiet place with strong wifi. Be creative if needed; go outside or sit in your car. If possible, place your device on a solid surface, with you seated in front of it. If using a phone for a session, try to sit still. Walking around can make the other viewer distracted and nauseous.

Try to protect your privacy

To maintain confidentiality, please inform your family members that you are in an important meeting and can't be disturbed. Use a headset to prevent anyone overheard the conversation. 

Limit your distractions

Turn off notifications on your device and remove it from your vicinity. Please limit other noise and visual distractions as much as possible (pets, children, potential interruptions). Please abstain from smoking, eating, or drinking during the session. Only water is allowed. Do not multitask while participating in therapy (Driving, checking your emails, etc). Please have a pillow, tissues, and water ready during the session.

Dress appropriately

The facilitator needs to dress professionally. Clients are encouraged to dress in inappropriate attire that is comfortable.


Code of Conduct

Please ensure that you have a strong wifi connection before each session to prevent disturbance during therapy time. At the beginning of your session, inform your facilitator how you will reconnect if your session is interrupted. Do not consume alcohol, smoke, vape, or other substances before, during, or after a session. Inappropriate or abusive behavior or language will not be tolerated. A breach of etiquette can result in exclusion from the workshop or private consultation.