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Break free from parent and child toxic pattern and create more healthy relationship.

Recommended for:

Adult childrens who intent to reconcile & mend relationship with their parent/s

Families seeking for healthier dynamics between their family members. From nuclear family, single family, adopted family, family with a special needs member, childless couple, children raised in grandparents’ family, blended family.

Parents with a child who is experiencing challenging behaviors at home or at school

For Family

Rp 7.500.000 3

(you save Rp1.200.000 compared to ordering individual sessions @Rp2.900.000/session)

This package includes:

1st Session

1 hour session: Individual consultation with you to address concerns & goals from your perspective.

2nd Session

1 hour session: Individual consultation with 1 of your family member (child or parent)  to address concerns & goals from his/her perspective.

3rd Session

1 hour session: Combined consultation with both you and your family member (child or parent), aligning your concerns and goals with their perspective.

The 3 sessions can be scheduled all at once in the same day or separately.


Consultation along with your significant one to solve couple issues.


Private consultation will explore your constellation with more depth and focus by using wooden dolls, visualizations, and hands-on excercises.