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A group session that will explore your family system through role-play, visualization, and hands-on excercises.

A group Family Constellation session usually takes place with a group of individuals 10-40 people who are not related and lasts up to 3 hours. It is using roleplaying technique. Everyone sits in a circle, along with a facilitator. One person in the group share, the rest will be representatives or observers. A facilitator selects others from the group to represent significant family members, and you all work together by role-playing characters and acting out familiar family dynamics. Though groups are made up of complete strangers, participants are able to role-play in an alarmingly realistic manner and share a deep experience. Bringing a friend, partner or family member is welcome, although not a must. For healing to take place, you need to be active in your healing and ready to commit. Open your perception. Be open to how you want to feel after therapy.

Thematic Workshops

Thematic workshops raise specific themes/issues that have been determined in advance before the workshop takes place.

Non-Thematic Workshops

In the non-thematic workshops, we set up constellations with topics/issues that arise from the participant.